Welcome to Wheels on the Ave. Show and Shine Benefit

Second Annual Show and Shine

Benefiting the Tri-City area

All proceeds will go to a Local Veteran Charity; Service Peace Warriors, as well as the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership.

Second Annual Event

This event is our Second Annual Show and Shine to give back to the heroes and people in our community that strive to make the Tri-Cities a great place to live. It will take place in Historic Downtown Kennewick on Saturday, September 8th, 2018.    

Event Highlights

This event will feature a Show & Shine, Poker Walk, Wood Working Show, an Alley Sale, live music, local food and novelty vendors and more!  

Agenda & Other Activities


8 am - 10 am:  When you arrive in downtown Kennewick on Saturday morning, come to the registration booth (the Tri-City Herald trailer) at the corner of Benton and Kennewick Ave, and you will be directed where to park.

Kiwanis Pancake Feed

7 am – 10:30 am:  The Kiwanis Club is hosting a Pancake Feed at Keeywadin Park! ($6 per plate)

Keep an eye out for the J&S Dreamland Express Train! Kiwanis will be providing FREE train rides to and from the park from 7am-1pm today!

Show & Shine

 9 am - 3 pm:  We will kick off the car show at 9 am sharp!

Wet Palette Paint Party

10 am - 12pm: Wet Palette Paint Party at Threads Boutique on Kennewick Ave. (Space is limited)

Poker Walk

10 am - 2 pm: Poker Walk (Card must be turned in to registration trailer by 2 p.m.) 

Kiwanis Hot Dog Lunch

11am – 1pm: Kiwanis Hot Dog Lunch at Keeywadin Park ($4 a person)

Trophy Ceremony, Raffle Giveaway and More

2:30 pm: Gather round for the Trophy Ceremony near the registration trailer.

(Raffle and Poker walk winners will also be announced)

Live Music

Please also enjoy a great line-up of live music to enjoy throughout your day at the show! Bring your lawn chairs and listen to some tunes.


  • 12:30pm-2:30pm: Three Rivers Saxtette at Flag Plaza Fountain (Intersection of Kennewick Ave. & Benton St. – near the registration trailer)

  • 1pm-3pm: Timeless Wavelength at the Clock by Key Bank (Intersection of Kennewick Ave. & Auburn St.)

  • 3pm-5pm: Joby & Friends at Flag Plaza Fountain (Intersection of Kennewick Ave. & Benton St. – near the registration trailer)

Our Mission

Why this event is so important

We created this event last year as a way to give back to the heroes and people in our community that strive to make the Tri-Cities a great place to live. All proceeds will go to a Local Veteran Charity; Service Peace Warriors (SPW), as well as the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership, where the event will take place on Kennewick Ave. on Saturday, September 8th, 2018.    

Our Vision

Being a Veteran himself, our CEO and Founding Partner, Todd Halterman, wanted to create an opportunity for the community to show support of the men and women who have served our country. Todd has given his money, time and efforts to many charities in the Tri-Cities over the years and is very happy to continue doing so. However, when he gave support to these different charities and organizations, he never got to see where the money was going, and he quickly realized that these organizations were lacking a system of creating sustainable revenue. 

Wheels on the Ave. was born

Thus, the Wheels on the Ave. Show and Shine benefit was created. We found the SPW organization through outreach Todd was already participating in, and as we are a Kennewick business, we decided to also benefit the revitalization of Historic Downtown Kennewick. SPW is a non-profit organization that raises dogs for Veterans with PTSD. They train the dogs from a very young age and match them with a Veteran, who then goes through training with their dog for their specific needs. 

Keeping the Success going

As a first-year event in 2017, we blew our expectations out of the water and raised over $14,000 to be split between these two organizations. We had expected to cover costs and were thrilled that the community showed so much support. We are hoping to do even better this year.   

While Supplies Last

Event Swag and Raffle Tickets

2018 T– Shirts Available for $20 

2017 T-shirts available for $5

Additional Poker Walk Card $1 each

Raffle Tickets $1 each

Split the Pot Tickets Available $1 each

Partnering with the Best of Summer Fest

The Best of Summer Fest

 The Best of Summer Fest is Downtown Kennewick’s summer finale! Trios Health has partnered with the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership, Tri-Cities Kiwanis, Clover Island Inn, Wheelhouse Bike Shop, and others to create a celebration of all things summer throughout the downtown area.  

Bicycle Tour of Kennewick

 The inaugural Tour of Kennewick is a local bicycle ride for the entire family. With routes including 3.2, 20, and 42 miles. Enjoy cooler end-of-summer weather, and the best way to see Kennewick...by bike. 

The East Benton County History Museum

 Celebrating the end of Summer, we are joining in with the rest of the Best of Summer Fest! The Museum will be hosting a Corn Hole Tournament, a special Skateboarding Expo and other wheels, as part of our History of Skateboarding exhibit.  

Live Music on Clover Island

 Fast Lane kicks off the night with a celebration of Eagles classics! Following Fast Lane, Whiskey River takes us on a southern rock tour and the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Outdoors overlooking the Columbia River this event is part of the first annual Best of Summer Fest in Downtown Kennewick! Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the gate and room packages are available for $120 per couple. 21 and over please. 

Dogs for Veterans

Our Mission

"Through my own experience with depression, anxiety and complex PTSD I have come to recognize the challenges our veterans have that return home with PTSD. My desire is to share fully trained service dogs with veterans and help them regain the independence and self-reliance that they deserve. PTSD is a very debilitating condition that is not always visible to others. Here at service peace warriors our goal is to give our combat veterans, suffering with PTSD, a new chance at life, at no cost." -  Mary-Faith Mattox Founder & President  

Starting our Puppies

Service Peace Warriors’ puppies and dogs are handpicked. Many are donated by different breeders while others come from rescues and shelters. We prefer working with dogs under the age of one year so that they will have years of service to give to their veteran. service peace warriors only use’s large breed dogs like German Shepherds, Labradors, Pit Bull crosses, etcetera, for their strength and drive. All our dogs are spayed and neutered. They are also on a strict vaccination and worming schedule. service peace warriors’ dogs only qualify if they are healthy and have a good temperament. Each dog’s individual characteristics play a critical role as well.  

Service Peace Warriors’ puppies are raised in foster homes that have gone through our application process. Our puppy raiser’s work closely with us here at service peace warriors in Eltopia, WA and on their own under service peace warriors  instructions. Our raiser’s volunteer for up to 15 months with their foster puppy, they take it most places with them to get it well socialized and place him or her in some real-life situations.   

Final Training

Depending on how many dogs we have in training at service peace warriors our dogs will come home at approximately 12 to 15 months old. This is when we start the formal training that each service dog needs in order to do what is asked of it. This is also when our trainers learn about each individual dog and determine which dogs are better suited for what jobs. All of our veteran’s needs are different, our service dogs are primarily for PTSD but can be trained for other things such as standing to help his veteran get up off the floor, or grabbing something for them and other tasks. This training can take up to 4 to 6 months depending on the tasks we are teaching him.  

Matching Veteran and Dog

Service Peace Warriors’ dogs and veterans will now be paired according to what each veteran requires. We find this out by completion of veteran’s applications and interviews. This is where we build our teams (Veteran and Dog).  Service Peace Warriors training will take place at Service Peace Warriors to start with. Each veteran is held responsible for the time required to train and work with their dog. It is imperative that the veteran and dog spend time and work together to be successful. Each veteran will learn how to work with their dog by learning commands, earning their dogs trust, and of course bonding to each other. After teams are working well with each other we will start working in real-life situations by traveling into town. ALL DOGS WILL BE HOUSED AND TRAINED AT SERVICE PEACE WARRIORS DURING TRAINING.  

Going Home

- Jerrid pictured with Abel -

Veterans will work with their dogs for approximately 2 months. The time required is decided by Service Peace Warriors case by case. On completion of their training with service peace warriors they will take their certification as a team. When they pass their certification test they will go home together as a successful service peace warriors team. From there they will both have a bonded and independent life together with the tools and techniques they have learned with service peace warriors. 

Each Veteran and Dog team is required to return to service peace warriors each year for re-certification. Service Peace Warriors maintains ownership of all their service dogs. If, at any time, a veteran is unable to care for and maintain the health and nutrition of their dog it must be returned to Service Peace Warriors.

Please visit us at:  www.servicepeacewarriors.org  

Understanding Having a Service Dog - Mary-Faith Mattox

Mary-Faith Mattox Founder & President Pictured with her service dog SPW Sky. 

“She has changed my life”    

Having a service dog has changed my life in amazing ways, but there is also a lot of work involved in having her with me constantly. Some days it can be very challenging with people always wanting to pet her and ask questions, when all I want to do is run into the grocery store and be left alone. When we go overnight somewhere she needs her food, bowls, bottled water and of course poop bags. All of this is a commitment to having a service dog, and beginning a live animal that can make mistakes sometimes can be frustrating. It is important to understand that if you have a service dog you will be taking her everywhere. I believe it is a privilege to have her by my side all the time even when I am doing O.K.  

Some of you may have disabilities that can be seen, where those of us with just PTSD do not, and we sometimes get a lot of questions about why we need a service dog. Please consider how you will go about some of these circumstances because they can still catch me off guard. And I always remind myself of respecting others, not everyone loves dogs like we do. Some people are afraid or become startled by them when surprised to see a dog come around the corner in the grocery store.   When you take home your service peace warriors dog, you will continue to work with him or her for the rest of their service dog life. You will spend 24 hours a day with them building a strong relationship and always learning new way of working with each other.    

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